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DVD Club Promotions
DVD Club Promotions

DVD Club Promotions

Welcome. DVD Club Promotions is your home for selecting and joining the best DVD clubs available.

We take great care to review all of the DVD membership clubs and the DVD rental clubs available and then share with you the top choices. We're here to save you time and money.

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Columbia House DVD Movie ClubMovie Club Promotions & Specials

Welcome to Movie Club Promotions. Our site was compiled to help you find the best coupons, deals, and promotions to the best movie clubs online. We make our recommendations based on a thorough review and from customer comments and ratings of the movie clubs listed.

Our movie clubs are broken down into two types of services: 1) Movie membership clubs in which you get an incentive introductory offer, then you're obligated to buy additional movies/DVDs, and 2) DVD rental services in which DVDs are mailed to you, and then you return them after viewing.

DVD Club Benefits Movie Membership Clubs

Movie Clubs are a great way to quickly build your movie & DVD library at a nice cost savings compared to purchasing movies or DVDs via typical retail outlets. Here we've listed the top movie member clubs. We highly recommend each service and certify that the offers deliver quality movies and DVDs at significant savings.

Columbia House DVD Club
Columbia House
DVD Club Promotion

Get 5 DVDs for 49¢ each
Disney Movie Club
Disney Movie Club

Get 4 DVDs for $1.99 each
Cinema Now Movie Club
Columbia House
TV on DVD Club

Get 1 Set for FREE

DVD Club Benefits Online DVD Rental Services

Online DVD rental services have become hugely popular. This is due in large part to the convenience of simply logging in, selecting your DVDs, and waiting for them to show up in your mailbox. We certify the following clubs as timely, affordable, and extremely convenient.

NetFlix DVD Rental

Get 2 Weeks Free
Blockbuster DVD Rental

$9.99/mo, Free Delivery
CinemaNow DVD/Movie Rental

7 Day Free Trial

DVD Club Benefits Great Benefits of DVD Club and Rental Memberships

It's pretty clear that you'll get great savings when you sign up for a movie club. You'll save up to 60% when you sign up for the Columbia House DVD Club and up to 35% when you sign up for the Disney Movie Club.

Convenience and selection are the main benefits you'll get from DVD rental services. There are no shelf space limitations with online DVD rental services, so you can get access to tens of thousands of titles (i.e. NetFlix has over 90,000 titles available). Here's a quick summary of the benefits of DVD clubs and services:

GREAT SELECTION - Tens of thousands of titles
New and Classic DVD titles - Find your favorites!
GREAT PRICES - Get up to 60% off
Unlimited Internet Access
Huge discounts: Every month, you can save money on DVDs.
One convenient place to buy all of your DVDs

Top Movie Club Promotions

Columbia House DVD Club - 5 DVDs for 49¢ each
Disney Movie Club - 4 DVDs for $1.99 each
NetFlix - 2 WEEKS FREE
Blockbuster - $9.99/month + FREE Delivery